HOW TO USE THE WEBSITE was created for two simple purposes:

(1) To help us and more importantly you – in your quest to win the yearly tipping comp, so you get the bragging rights; and

(2) To help you nail it in your weekly attempt to pull off that multi-bet win.

So what we have done is pull together all the experts’ tips: the ex-coaches, ex-players, radio and television commentators, professional tippers, hard-nut journalists, and even the tips from a university computer prediction machine. We will track the tips of each of these experts, including their upset selections.

What it will show is who really knows their stuff and who doesn’t.

Check out this 1 minute video so you get a feel for what to look for each week at before putting your own tips in.

Jan Alcock

April 26, 2018

AFLtipping for 2018 starting round 6

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