Tip Talk with Jimmy Smith

http://whotippedwhat.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/WTW-J-Smith.mp3 This week Alby speaks with former Rooster, Magpie, Rabbitoh & Red Jimmy Smith. Read More

From the Couch Rd 15

www.makingthenut.com by Nick Tedeschi Konrad Hurrell is a Total Liability: Konrad Hurrell is kidding himself and the fact he is allowed to get away consistently… Read More

From the Couch Rd 14

By Nick Tedeschi www.makingthenut.com   Raiders Roasted: The Canberra Raiders are done, roasted like a good lamb shoulder on a wintry July Sunday. Their bottlejob… Read More

From the Couch Rd 13

From The Couch: Round 13 Time to Carve Up Canterbury:   www.makingthenut.com Canterbury need a total rebuild and it needs to happen now. They… Read More

From The Couch Rd 12

By Nick Tedeschi, makingthenut.com State of Origin I Preview: It is utterly astonishing that NSW have been backed into favouritism for Game I of… Read More

From the Couch Rd 11

By Nick Tedeschi. www.makingthenut.com Prepare for More Disappointment – It’s Origin Selection Time: There aren’t many times of year where I get the urge… Read More

From the Couch Rd 10

By Nick Tedeschi www.makingthenut.com Everyone Needs to Calm Down: The NRL should stay out of the business of morality. Those in power lack the qualifications. Read More

From The Couch Rd 8

From The Couch, Round 8 by Nick Tedeschi, Making the Nut   Tigers Trio Abandon Ship: The Wests Tigers could not have made a… Read More