Lara stays #1

Well Lara Pitt continues to keep them all at bay, and there is no better way to do that than score a perfect round. Yes 8 from 8 for Lara, and a massive 73% strike rate for the season. She is obviously paying very little attention to the tips of her fellow hosts on the Matty Johns Show. In fact the two best tippers out of the Fox League stable are Lara and Yvonne Sampson. Close on Lara’s heals on the Who Tipped What leaderboard are experienced campaigners Andrew Webster from the SMH (also a perfect round of tipping), Wally Mason from the Australian, our early round leader Nick Tedeschi from Making the Nut, and Michael Carayannis and David Riccio from the Daily Telegraph. Interesting to note that after 7 rounds the worst ‘tipper’ are the Home Teams, getting up in only 46% of matches. So much for home field advantage!

Look out for Lara Pitt to join Alby in our weekly Tip Talk podcast in the next few weeks. It will be interesting to hear how Lara goes about making her weekly selections.


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