5 tipping strategies to make you #1


Winning your footy tipping competition is always really hard to do. The annual quest to have bragging rights among your workmates, friends or family is what millions of Australians will partake in every weekend throughout the upcoming winter.

In this age of 24 hour sports news channels and social media dedicated to the coverage of each team, and player, along with extensive previews of every NRL and AFL game – there’s never been more opinion and predictions available to us.

So what are the best tipping strategies to use each week when you make your tips? Here are five tipping strategies to consider that will help you win your tipping competition this year.

  1. Tip the favourite

Very simple strategy, tip the team with the shortest odds. A team is the favourite for several reasons, be it winning form, better players, home ground advantage etc. This strategy would be hands down the favoured strategy of those less dedicated tippers in your tipping competition.

The difficulty arises when there is no real favourite, the teams are difficult to separate, and both teams are roughly the same odds. When this happens you need to consider other strategies to decide who to tip.

  1. Tip the home team

This is another simple system – however it doesn’t come into play in every match anymore, as many teams share the same home ground. For example – in the AFL the nine Melbourne teams share just two grounds, the MCG and Marvel Stadium, meaning there is no real home ground advantage when say Essendon play St Kilda at Marvel Stadium.

However, the real home ground advantage that you seriously need to consider is when the away team has to travel interstate. This advantage is exaggerated even further when the away team is on a 5 or 6 day turn-around from their last game.

  1. Tip the team with winning momentum

“Winning form is the best form” – Most game previews list the results of the last 5 games that each team has played, it is worthwhile having a quick look at this statistic. If you can identify a team with winning momentum over the past 2 or more games and combine that with home ground advantage, my guess is that you will find it very hard to tip against that team.

However, on the flipside look out for the top ranked team that has lost their past 2-3 games. They have now become the ‘desperate’ team, facing the ‘must-win’ game. Upset alert!

  1. Follow the experts

As mentioned – there’s never been more opinion and predictions available to us. We have a Fox Sports 24/7 NRL channel and 24/7 AFL channel. The question to ask yourself is: which ‘footy experts’ are worth listening to and which aren’t?

The easiest way to work out which expert knows their stuff is to use the tipping tables at whotippedwhat.com. This website aggregates the weekly tips of 50+ NRL and 50+ AFL footy experts from television, radio, online and newspapers. It means you can see all the expert tips all in one place.

  1. Follow the bookmakers

Following the bookmakers’ odds is really a combination of several of the previous strategies. Many people believe that the bookies know best, they will not make their tips without seeing the latest odds.

Fluctuations in odds can be a really good indicator of which team you should tip. Odds can change frequently in response to the direction of money punted by the general public. A team may not start favourite but if many punters start to back them at a given price, their odds will soon shorten. If this happens, then it becomes something to factor into your tipping decision.

If you stick to one or a combination of these strategies this year, who knows, hopefully you will end the season as the number 1 tipper and enjoy the much sort after cash pot and bragging rights.

Good luck with your tips.

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