Who are we?

At whoptippedwhat.com we love the Aussie footy culture, where everyone young and old has a footy team. Where one of the first questions you are asked after meeting someone is “So, who is your footy team?”

We love that any company, family, or group of mates ‘worth their salt’ runs a footy tipping competition. And we love that everyone has their own method of how they select their tips, be it home teams, favourites, winning form, or simply “I’m just going to go with my gut”.

whotippedwhat.com was created for two simple purposes: (i) To help us and you – in your quest to win the yearly tipping comp, so you get the bragging rights; and (ii) To help you nail it in your weekly attempts to pull off that big multi-bet win.

So what we have done is pull together all the experts’ tips and predictions: the ex-coaches, ex-players, radio and television commentators, professional tippers, hard-nut journalists, and even the tips from a university computer prediction machine.

What it will show is which footy tipping experts really know their stuff and which ones don’t.


How does it work?

whotippedwhat.com is a website that aggregates the weekly tips and predictions of AFL and NRL experts from television, radio, online and the newspapers. We track the tips of each of these experts so that you can compare them and assess who the best AFL and NRL analysts are.

It means that you can see all the experts’ tips in the one place.

The tipping tables within whotippedwhat.com list out the tips from every expert for every game. All the NRL experts’ tips and all the AFL experts’ tips are tallied throughout the season, round by round.  The Verdict % is calculated, it tells you which team the majority of experts think will win. The result of each game is entered, and the tip of each expert is highlighted in green for a winning tip and red for a losing tip. The number of upsets correctly tipped by each expert is also tallied.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are the experts’ tips available to view on the website each week?

This will vary depending upon what day of the week each round of football will commence. In most cases it will be either Thursday or Friday.

The experts’ tips will be loaded and available on the website generally by 11.00am on the day the round commences.

2. What is ‘The Verdict %’, and how is it calculated?

The Verdict % simply tells you which team the majority of experts think will win. In other words, it is the percentage of experts who have tipped the most favoured team.

3. When is an expert tip deemed to be an ‘Upset’?

A tip is deemed to be an ‘upset’ when over 70% of the experts have selected the other team.

4. I follow the tips of an expert who isn’t on your list. Can you add them to the Who Tipped What expert list?

Yes we are happy to add the tips of a reputable expert whose tips are made public every week. Please send us an email at whotippedwhat@gmail.com with your suggestion.

5. I believe I am a respected and well known so called footy expert and I am not on the Who Tipped What list. Can you add me to your list?

Absolutely, but subject to our due diligence team assessing your claim to being “well known” and being a “respected footy expert”. Please send us an email at whotippedwhat@gmail.com


6. I run a tipping competition and want to link it to whotippedwhat.com to get access to all the experts’ footy tips. Who do I get in touch with to discuss this? 

We would love to chat with you. Please send us an email at whotippedwhat@gmail.com


Results from Previous Years

So who have been the ‘experts’ in previous years that have proven that they know their stuff?

Here are the winners and final tipping tables from previous years:

AFL 2017 – The outright winner with the highest number of winning tips was Chris Cavanagh from the Herald Sun.

NRL 2017 – The tied winners with the same number of winning tips were Yvonne Sampson from Fox League and The Wolf from William Hill.

AFL 2018 – After his win in 2017, Chris Cavanagh went back to back, this time sharing the #1 position with Dermott Brereton.

NRL 2018 – A win for Justin Davies at League Unlimited.


The Teams

How do I identify which team is which?

We have created a custom set of logos for all the AFL and NRL teams, based upon each team’s colours. These logos will be used within the tipping tables for you to easily identify each of the teams.


  • Broncos
  • Bulldogs
  • Cowboys
  • Dragons
  • Eels
  • Knights
  • Panthers
  • Rabbitohs
  • Raiders
  • Roosters
  • Sea Eagles
  • Sharks
  • Storm
  • Tigers
  • Titans
  • Warriors


  • Blues
  • Bombers
  • Bulldogs
  • Cats
  • Crows
  • Demons
  • Dockers
  • Eagles
  • Giants
  • Hawks
  • Kangaroos
  • Lions
  • Magpies
  • Power
  • Saints
  • Suns
  • Swans
  • Tigers

More Questions?

If you have any suggestions, complaints or questions please get in contact with us by sending an email to whotippedwhat@gmail.com