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From The Couch – Rd 15
June 19, 2018

From The Couch – Rd 15

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Who Tipped What - FOOTY TIPS FROM THE EXPERTS - How Does It Work?

whotippedwhat.com is a website that aggregates the weekly expert tips and predictions of all the AFL and NRL analysts from television, radio, online and the newspapers. We track the expert tips so that you can compare them and assess who the best AFL and NRL analysts are.

It means that you can see all the expert tips in the one place.

What we have done is pull together all the experts’ tips and predictions: the ex-coaches, ex-players, radio and television commentators, professional tippers, hard-nut journalists, and even the tips from a university computer prediction machine.

The tipping tables within whotippedwhat.com list out expert tips for every game. All the NRL expert tips and all the AFL expert tips are tallied throughout the season, round by round.  The Verdict % is calculated, it tells you which team the majority of experts think will win. The result of each game is entered into the tipping table, and the tip of each expert is highlighted in green for a winning tip and red for a losing tip. The number of upsets correctly tipped by each expert is also tallied.

What it will show is which footy tipping experts really know their stuff and which ones don’t.